Rain, Rain, (You Don’t Have To) Go Away

Pitter- patter, pitter- patter. The rain hitting against the window means it’s another gloomy day here in Singapore. But turn that frown upside down because there are so many things you can do with a rainy day in Singapore! Here’s 3 things that we are suggesting:

1. Be a tourist in your own city.
Singapore has lots to offer! Whether you want to take a step into history at the National Museum or jump into the future at ArtScience Museum, Singapore’s got it all. With new exhibitions every few months, there’s bound to be something you haven’t seen! Singaporean have free access to museums, except for the Art Science Museum which you can get it at a discounted price when you show your IC.

2. Have a personal spa day.
A rainy day is the perfect day to pamper yourself with a personal spa day! Set the mood by lighting candles, playing soft music, and maybe sipping a glass of wine. Get creative with your spa day: paint your nails, immerse in a bubble bath, and put on your favourite face mask. Our favourite face mask for a spa day is Klarity’s Oxymud Mask. The cocao mask melts onto your face and oxidizes, forming into a fun bubbly mask, perfect for a spa day.

3. Find “your” café
Whether you enjoy an espresso shot or a frothy tea latté, sip away at your local café on a rainy day. Nothing is more soothing than picking up a book while hearing the sound of rain outside and smelling the strong aromas of coffee beans that drift in the room. As cafe-hopping and instagram worthy food is in the trend, more cafes are opening just around you. They offer an amazing array of food and drinks for all coffee and non coffee drinkers.

Up, Close & Personal with KLARITY

Klarity was developed in 2014. Since, we have worked hard to create multiple series of skincare products that create beauty effortlessly. Along the way, we have been able to share our products internationally with other skincare lovers. We at Klarity appreciate each and every one of our loyal fans. In order to show our gratitude, we invited all of our Facebook fans to join us for an exclusive session on June 18.

We shared some of our insider skincare tips and engaged our fans in learning more about the myths and facts of skincare. The night ended with some exclusive deals for our fans.

  Klarity has some big things in store that we can’t wait to share with you! 😉

5 Ways to Celebrate National Day

National Day is coming up and we want you to be ready for it! This year’s theme is #OneNationTogether. This new theme represents the Singaporean history of diversity and unity. Singaporeans have origins from all over the world and August 9th is the day to celebrate our diversity as “OneNation”. There is also the emphasis that Singapore is a young country and all the challenges moving forward should be faced “Together.” Here are some of the fun ways to make the most out of Singapore’s 52nd birthday!   


  • Watch NDP live.

What better way is there to celebrate than attending the National Day Parade? This year, the parade is returning to the Marina Bay Floating Platform which can seat up to 27,000 people. If you are one of the lucky few who received tickets for the parade, remember to treasure every moment!

  • Catch NDP on TV.

Didn’t get a ticket? No worries! The NDP is streamed on TV so that you can experience it and all its glory in the comfort of your home or at one of the many public screenings around Singapore.

  • Capture the memories with friends and family.

1… 2… 3… Strike a pose! Treasure all the memories that you make this year on National Day! Be sure that you look your very best for Singapore’s 52nd birthday. If your skin is lacking that extra glow, don’t worry! Klarity is here to help. Our products such as the Diamond Glow Eye Nano Treatment and our CC Lotion will give you that instant glow and moisturising, getting you ready for the camera.

  • Watch the fireworks.

Watch the fireworks light up the night! The fireworks can be enjoyed live at many locations around the city. Join the crowd near the pier or catch the spectacular view from up high at rooftop bars or hotels! Many hotels near the pier have package deals for this special night and will definitely provide a great view.

  • Explore Singapore!

Whether you want to be a tourist for a day or learn about the history of the country, there is so much to do! Most museums and attractions provide a discount for Singaporean residents. Go to one of the many family- friendly exhibitions or festivals. This is your opportunity to fall in love with Singapore all over again!

What is ADSC?

Human adipose derived stem cell, or ADSC, is a critical ingredient in The Immortal Elixir. But what does that even mean? Adipose is a form of fat cell and can be found abundantly beneath the skin to help store energy and nutrients. Stem cells are isolated from liposuction waste tissue by collagenase digestion and differential centrifugation. ADSC imitates the functions of adipose and maximises the healing power of the body without any side effects.

Human adipose- derived stem cells are excellent, permeable key ingredients to The Immortal Elixir because it boosts collagen synthesis, migrates fibroblasts, lifts skin, and improves skin texture instantaneously. The peptide fatty acid derivative and cosmetic composition of The Immortal Elixir produce anti- wrinkle activity by stimulating prolidase and target the outstanding tissues and cell penetration and induce collagen regeneration.

Because adipose helps protect the skin, ADSC can do the same while also stimulating skin cells to return to its natural, elastic form. It prevents DNA damage and boosts skin penetration efficacy for other key ingredients and their activity. It targets the root of your skin troubles, moisturising and creating a glow for your skin from inside out.

“Your Network is Your Net Worth.”

Tim Sanders, author, public speaker, and former Yahoo! director once said, “your network is your net worth.” We hear this all the time but what is the truth behind it?

We can’t deny that networking events are crucial in today’s day and age because it allows you to build relationships and be inspired by others. Klarity understands the importance of networking thus on Thursday, June 29th, we had one of our networking events.

The goal of our event was connecting and collaborating with Singaporean social media influencers. We created a networking event for the influencers so that they could share beauty tips and get to know the local influencers better. Influencers and their friends joined us. As our guests flooded into our room, we played some icebreakers to get to know each other. After all, you can’t have a networking event without a few fun icebreakers. Then it was time for beauty tips! Whether it was their nightly routine or their favourite beauty product, everyone had something fun to share. We learned a lot from the influencers. Karine Estelle, founder and CEO of Klarity, also gave insight on her experience as an entrepreneur and skin care lover.

“So nice to meet and learn a few mantras of beauty and success from its founder Karine Estelle Cheong” -Shubhada (@shub_sg)

“[I] am really impressed by the results and it’s only a matter of days” -Isabelle W. Rosta (@lovebellavida)

After a few more laughs and a few more Klarity demonstrations, we ended the night with beautiful pastries made by Yume Patisserie. Yume Patisserie is a local homegrown baking studio running masterclasses, customising bespoke cakes and dessert table in Singapore.

Read more about them here: “Yume” means dream in Japanese and “Patisserie” is a french word a bakery selling sweets and pastries. Running masterclasses, bespoke cakes and dessert table in Singapore are our current focus. The combination of delicate Japanese pastry texture and bold french flavours is what make Yume Patisserie stand out from the crowd. In Yume Patisserie, we are committed to deliver pastries without artificial flavourings and additives. Baked fresh everyday, it is our promise to provide premium french pastries for your dessert table, and decadent bespoke wedding cake for your celebrations. Out studio also conducts masterclass with a focus on french pastries.

Everyone enjoyed the wonderful night of celebrating skincare and we can’t wait to host our next event!


Klarity at Mrs Singapore and Classic Mrs Singapore 2017

Let’s bring it back to May 6, 2017. It was the Mrs Singapore & Classic Mrs Singapore 2017 Grand Finals and Klarity was there every step of the way! We were so excited to work with the event as the official skincare sponsor.


We also shared with the contestants one of our favourite products: The Immortal Elixir (or TIE) in a small session before the finals. We simply can’t live without TIE because it can help reduce the effects of stress on the skin whether that is reddened skin or wrinkles. TIE gave the women an instant lift, glow, and moisture, which improved their skin before the finals.

Our founder, Karine, also shared on her experience with beauty pageants and her skincare regimes on the Press Conference of the event.

We couldn’t be more excited about the theme Retrolicious and the opportunity to able to experience the pageant up close and personal. The beautiful contestants got ready with our products. The Grand Finale can be a stressful night for the ladies. Whether it is practicing for the talent portion or preparing for the Q&A, high levels of stress can damage the skin. Good thing that Klarity was there to help the ladies enhance their beauty effortlessly.

We also wanted to congratulate all of the contestants. You ladies were amazing! Of course, huge congrats to the winners, Priscilia Koh (Classic Mrs Singapore Universe) and Racheal Olivero (Mrs Singapore Universe)!

(photos from Mrs Singapore and Classic Mrs Singapore)

Dull and dry skin? – Do you need an instant boost of radiance to your skin ?

Do you feel that your skin looks dull? Do you feel that your make-up doesn’t last throughout the day? Do you feel tightness in your skin? Do you feel that the air-condition at night strips off all the moisture from your skin?


If your answer is yes to any of the above, then KLARITY LaserTox CC Miracle White Lotion is definitely the product for your skincare solution!

Klarity™ Lasertox™ CC Miracle White Lotion.png
LaserTox CC Miracle White Lotion is able to give an instant boost of radiance to your skin. It is enriched with Diamond Powder, which gives instant glow to your skin. Upon application, your skin will be instantly one tone fairer. It is also enriched with rose hip oil, which is a powerful source of anti-oxidants, that helps to pro-long skin youthfulness.


With sun screen factor SPF30/PA++, Lasertox™ CC Miracle White Lotion protects your skin from harmful UV rays, preventing photo-aging and dark spots. This 11-in-1 multi functions CC lotion is light on skin and colorant free. The non-sticky and non-oily formula leaves skin smoother and hydrated. Non comedogenic. LaserTox CC Miracle White Lotion is great for those lazy days, no-make up look!

LaserTox CC Miracle White lotion has 10 in 1 multi-functions


SHOP NOW: https://shop.klarityskin.com/products/lasertox-cc-miracle-white-lotion

QUOTE: “SITEWIDE20” for 20% off all purchases

FREE SHIPPING for domestic orders above SGD99



Perin Sidhu – Beauty Blogger

Perin Sidhu

Beauty Blogger


I love all things beauty. From the latest lip trend to the next cult mascara, Little Miss Confessions, my personal blog is always on the go. When I am not busy uncovering beauty trends or rocking a blue lipstick, you can find me surrounded by all things science in university.

Q: What do you think is the most important thing every woman should remember?
A: As women, the most important thing we should remember is that nothing can dim the light that shines from within. Often, we have to prove ourselves even harder as females. Remember that you are no less capable. I strongly believe that each woman is beautiful and strong in her own way and the day we realize the power of this combination, nothing can stop us. There will be days were we don’t feel our best and that is ok. We accept and move on stronger.

Q: Please share about your skincare routine and what you think every female should have for skincare!

A: I love keeping my skincare routine as fuss-free as possible. Or should I say minimalistic. Every female should create a skincare concoction suitable for her skin type. For that, she needs to understand how her skin behaves. Here are some skincare essentials you could consider:

I start off by cleansing my skin with a gentle foaming cleanser. This helps to lift any impurities and keep my face feeling soft and cleansed. Next, I tone my face to re-establish the pH levels. Once my skin is nice and clean, I proceed to apply a day lotion and sunscreen. I can’t leave the house without applying some eye cream and lip balm to protect the delicate skin.

The routine is repeated at night with minor changes. After cleansing, I proceed to tone my face and use rosehip oil. This helps to hydrate my skin and give it a youthful glow. Just before sleeping, I apply an overnight sleeping mask which repairs my skin as I snooze away.

Q: What do you think of Klarity products and which would you recommend?

A: It is not easy pleasing my skin (i.e. sensitive/combination) but when it finds a product it loves, boy does it want more. Klarity is just that. The ingredients used are of high quality and feel nothing short of luxurious on the skin. I appreciate how lightweight the products are. The products leave behind a beautiful glow and work its magic throughout the day/night. If you are planning to build a basic skincare kit, here are my top picks

  1. Diamond Glow Overnight Masque – This overnight masque works well to repair my skin as I am sleeping. You do wake up with smooth and glowing skin, empowering you to take on the day with greater positivity. Noticeable differences include hydrated, refined and luminous skin.
  2. Diamond Glow Eye Nano Treatment – Dark eye circles can be tricky to treat but I love how the Diamond Glow Eye Nano Treatment keeps the skin under my eye hydrated and smooth. Be patient and the results would follow.

    3. OxyMud Cacao Duo Cleanse – Given that we are surrounded by constant humidity and pollutants, such factors can take a toll on our skin. This may result in dullness and even certain skincare woes such as breakouts. OxyMud Cacao Duo Cleanse helps to remove traces of impurities without drying the skin out. It bubbles and provides the action of mild exfoliation. Using it once/twice a week gives the skin an instant lift and radiant after-feel. Plus, it smells amazing as with all Klarity products.

Q: Any advise/beauty tips for your followers out there?
A: Social media is growing so quickly these days and there are many pre-conceived notions of beauty standards. My advice? Be yourself! Dare to experiment and express. Have a good skincare routine and embrace your flaws. This way, you’ll find yourself being happier. We all have days where that minor zit is going to ruin our day but look beyond that – you are still beautiful no matter what.


Louise -Local Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger and Youtuber


An ever-inquisitive child with a constant thirst for knowledge, I am currently pursing my post-grad education in Master of Business Administration. I enjoy sitting in cafes, appreciating life while sipping on my iced chocolate. Makeup has always intrigued me. It gives me the power to transform myself into many different characters – a nerdy schoolgirl, a shy girl falling in love, a confident young woman seeking recognition. Makeup also helps me to pay attention to my ever-changing self and the truth in my heart.


Q: What motivates you to be who you are today?

A: The power of the curious mind drives me into who I am today – a beauty and lifestyle enthusiast. I am so grateful for social media platforms (@makeupwithlouise) where I can freely share my experiences. A great thank you to my fans and supporters who are always encouraging. They are my greatest motivators.

Q: What do you think of Klarity products and which would you recommend?

A: I like how Klarity focuses on perfecting the skin. Using advanced France and Swiss technology to offer easy-to-use products, I know my skin is in good hands. I am falling in love with OxyMud Cacao mask. This is possibly one of the best mud masks I’ve tried. It takes away impurities in my skin without striping the moisture. Lasertox CC cream is my latest obsession. I like how this instantly brighten my skin tone for flawless foundation application.

Q: Any advise/beauty tips for you followers out there?


A: In the pursuit for the flawless looks, take a step back to relish on the little joys in life. It is easy to neglect ourselves in the busy world. It is also easy to compare ourselves with others. But, each of us are unique and special in our little ways. Don’t forget about treating yourself right and finding beauty in your own skin and confidence. Of course, finding the right skincare and makeup makes it easier to express your beauty!