Perin Sidhu – Beauty Blogger

Perin Sidhu

Beauty Blogger


I love all things beauty. From the latest lip trend to the next cult mascara, Little Miss Confessions, my personal blog is always on the go. When I am not busy uncovering beauty trends or rocking a blue lipstick, you can find me surrounded by all things science in university.

Q: What do you think is the most important thing every woman should remember?
A: As women, the most important thing we should remember is that nothing can dim the light that shines from within. Often, we have to prove ourselves even harder as females. Remember that you are no less capable. I strongly believe that each woman is beautiful and strong in her own way and the day we realize the power of this combination, nothing can stop us. There will be days were we don’t feel our best and that is ok. We accept and move on stronger.

Q: Please share about your skincare routine and what you think every female should have for skincare!

A: I love keeping my skincare routine as fuss-free as possible. Or should I say minimalistic. Every female should create a skincare concoction suitable for her skin type. For that, she needs to understand how her skin behaves. Here are some skincare essentials you could consider:

I start off by cleansing my skin with a gentle foaming cleanser. This helps to lift any impurities and keep my face feeling soft and cleansed. Next, I tone my face to re-establish the pH levels. Once my skin is nice and clean, I proceed to apply a day lotion and sunscreen. I can’t leave the house without applying some eye cream and lip balm to protect the delicate skin.

The routine is repeated at night with minor changes. After cleansing, I proceed to tone my face and use rosehip oil. This helps to hydrate my skin and give it a youthful glow. Just before sleeping, I apply an overnight sleeping mask which repairs my skin as I snooze away.

Q: What do you think of Klarity products and which would you recommend?

A: It is not easy pleasing my skin (i.e. sensitive/combination) but when it finds a product it loves, boy does it want more. Klarity is just that. The ingredients used are of high quality and feel nothing short of luxurious on the skin. I appreciate how lightweight the products are. The products leave behind a beautiful glow and work its magic throughout the day/night. If you are planning to build a basic skincare kit, here are my top picks

  1. Diamond Glow Overnight Masque – This overnight masque works well to repair my skin as I am sleeping. You do wake up with smooth and glowing skin, empowering you to take on the day with greater positivity. Noticeable differences include hydrated, refined and luminous skin.
  2. Diamond Glow Eye Nano Treatment – Dark eye circles can be tricky to treat but I love how the Diamond Glow Eye Nano Treatment keeps the skin under my eye hydrated and smooth. Be patient and the results would follow.

    3. OxyMud Cacao Duo Cleanse – Given that we are surrounded by constant humidity and pollutants, such factors can take a toll on our skin. This may result in dullness and even certain skincare woes such as breakouts. OxyMud Cacao Duo Cleanse helps to remove traces of impurities without drying the skin out. It bubbles and provides the action of mild exfoliation. Using it once/twice a week gives the skin an instant lift and radiant after-feel. Plus, it smells amazing as with all Klarity products.

Q: Any advise/beauty tips for your followers out there?
A: Social media is growing so quickly these days and there are many pre-conceived notions of beauty standards. My advice? Be yourself! Dare to experiment and express. Have a good skincare routine and embrace your flaws. This way, you’ll find yourself being happier. We all have days where that minor zit is going to ruin our day but look beyond that – you are still beautiful no matter what.


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