What is ADSC?

Human adipose derived stem cell, or ADSC, is a critical ingredient in The Immortal Elixir. But what does that even mean? Adipose is a form of fat cell and can be found abundantly beneath the skin to help store energy and nutrients. Stem cells are isolated from liposuction waste tissue by collagenase digestion and differential centrifugation. ADSC imitates the functions of adipose and maximises the healing power of the body without any side effects.

Human adipose- derived stem cells are excellent, permeable key ingredients to The Immortal Elixir because it boosts collagen synthesis, migrates fibroblasts, lifts skin, and improves skin texture instantaneously. The peptide fatty acid derivative and cosmetic composition of The Immortal Elixir produce anti- wrinkle activity by stimulating prolidase and target the outstanding tissues and cell penetration and induce collagen regeneration.

Because adipose helps protect the skin, ADSC can do the same while also stimulating skin cells to return to its natural, elastic form. It prevents DNA damage and boosts skin penetration efficacy for other key ingredients and their activity. It targets the root of your skin troubles, moisturising and creating a glow for your skin from inside out.

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