5 Ways to Celebrate National Day

National Day is coming up and we want you to be ready for it! This year’s theme is #OneNationTogether. This new theme represents the Singaporean history of diversity and unity. Singaporeans have origins from all over the world and August 9th is the day to celebrate our diversity as “OneNation”. There is also the emphasis that Singapore is a young country and all the challenges moving forward should be faced “Together.” Here are some of the fun ways to make the most out of Singapore’s 52nd birthday!   


  • Watch NDP live.

What better way is there to celebrate than attending the National Day Parade? This year, the parade is returning to the Marina Bay Floating Platform which can seat up to 27,000 people. If you are one of the lucky few who received tickets for the parade, remember to treasure every moment!

  • Catch NDP on TV.

Didn’t get a ticket? No worries! The NDP is streamed on TV so that you can experience it and all its glory in the comfort of your home or at one of the many public screenings around Singapore.

  • Capture the memories with friends and family.

1… 2… 3… Strike a pose! Treasure all the memories that you make this year on National Day! Be sure that you look your very best for Singapore’s 52nd birthday. If your skin is lacking that extra glow, don’t worry! Klarity is here to help. Our products such as the Diamond Glow Eye Nano Treatment and our CC Lotion will give you that instant glow and moisturising, getting you ready for the camera.

  • Watch the fireworks.

Watch the fireworks light up the night! The fireworks can be enjoyed live at many locations around the city. Join the crowd near the pier or catch the spectacular view from up high at rooftop bars or hotels! Many hotels near the pier have package deals for this special night and will definitely provide a great view.

  • Explore Singapore!

Whether you want to be a tourist for a day or learn about the history of the country, there is so much to do! Most museums and attractions provide a discount for Singaporean residents. Go to one of the many family- friendly exhibitions or festivals. This is your opportunity to fall in love with Singapore all over again!

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