Louise -Local Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger and Youtuber


An ever-inquisitive child with a constant thirst for knowledge, I am currently pursing my post-grad education in Master of Business Administration. I enjoy sitting in cafes, appreciating life while sipping on my iced chocolate. Makeup has always intrigued me. It gives me the power to transform myself into many different characters – a nerdy schoolgirl, a shy girl falling in love, a confident young woman seeking recognition. Makeup also helps me to pay attention to my ever-changing self and the truth in my heart.


Q: What motivates you to be who you are today?

A: The power of the curious mind drives me into who I am today – a beauty and lifestyle enthusiast. I am so grateful for social media platforms (@makeupwithlouise) where I can freely share my experiences. A great thank you to my fans and supporters who are always encouraging. They are my greatest motivators.

Q: What do you think of Klarity products and which would you recommend?

A: I like how Klarity focuses on perfecting the skin. Using advanced France and Swiss technology to offer easy-to-use products, I know my skin is in good hands. I am falling in love with OxyMud Cacao mask. This is possibly one of the best mud masks I’ve tried. It takes away impurities in my skin without striping the moisture. Lasertox CC cream is my latest obsession. I like how this instantly brighten my skin tone for flawless foundation application.

Q: Any advise/beauty tips for you followers out there?


A: In the pursuit for the flawless looks, take a step back to relish on the little joys in life. It is easy to neglect ourselves in the busy world. It is also easy to compare ourselves with others. But, each of us are unique and special in our little ways. Don’t forget about treating yourself right and finding beauty in your own skin and confidence. Of course, finding the right skincare and makeup makes it easier to express your beauty!

































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