Doll up with Beauty Blogger, Calista @beautywithcal

If you ever need a quick update on the latest beauty products online, don’t miss out @beautywithcal – Calista!

She is the beauty blogger with an endless list of beauty product reviews on her social media platforms. Wondering where you can find her? Click in to her social sites – Instagram , Facebook, Pinterest, and for long detailed reviews, head over to her blog!

Did I mention other than writing, she is also a local beauty YouTuber who does makeup tutorials and first impression videos? For those with single eyelids, you have just landed yourself in some good shape as Calista teaches you her tips and tricks!

One of the makeup look she did on her YouTube channel

Let’s find out more about Calista!

 Q: POODLE ALERT! How adorable @t3ddylim! Why did you name her Teddy?

Calista: Teddy is my family’s dog! 😀 We brought her home last December! Oh, how time flies!! 🙂 We named her Teddy because she resembles the cutest teddy bear ^^ Do show her some love on her Instagram, @t3ddylim yeah!


Q: Describe your relationship with Teddy in a word.

Calista: FAMILY 😀 I can’t imagine a day without her!

Q: How do you usually doll up yourself?

Calista: If I need to prepare myself for a special event the next day, I’ll use Klarity’s OxyMud Cacao Cleanse and Renewal Mask to exfoliate my skin the night before. After which, I will always moisturise my skin with sheet masks (My skin’s Best Friend!). If need be, I will use a sheet mask the next morning before putting on makeup! Your skin will be more radiant and it enables better application of your makeup. 🙂

I also bring along a few lipsticks with me if I’ll be out the whole day so I have a few options depending on where I’ll be. And I just can’t decide which to use! I feel bad if I use this and neglect the other haha!


Q: What got you started on blogging and filming Youtube videos?

Calista: I started blogging because I wanted to share my thoughts on makeup products. 🙂 I love reading reviews before purchasing products as well, so I hope my reviews can help my readers to make a more informed purchase 🙂

As for YouTube, I started mainly because I wanted to share my own personal tips on eye makeup for Monolids! Although there are many videos on Monolids on YouTube, there are so many types of Monolids! It’s hard to find a similar eye shape 🙂 I also had a lot of fun doing YouTube, especially trying new types of videos like lip swatches and that’s what keeping me motivated! But it’s a lot of hard work too, so I am really thankful and appreciative for everyone’s support! 😀 Please subscribe if you haven’t already, ok? ^^

Q: What is your inspiration and motivation to continue in this line?

Calista: My Husband haha! He’s the one motivating me with all the new makeup! But of course, I think my readers and followers keep me going! I hope to share more reviews with them. I put in a lot of time and effort so when people start to notice/find my page useful, it makes me happy! And that’s what motivates me to stay in the line!

Q: If you were left stranded on an island, what are the top 3 things you MUST have with you?

Calista: Water to survive! Handphone to call for help and take selfies…? I’m imagining an island without shelter, hence good lighting haha. Lastly, sunblock!

Q: How has Klarity product(s) improved your skin condition?

Calista: The Klarity OxyMud Cacao Duo Cleanse and Renewal Mask is an important staple in my skincare routine now! It has definitely removed a lot of my stubborn blackheads! If you have large and stubborn blackheads, I recommend you using this mask twice a week and you can say goodbye to your pores and HELLO TO CONFIDENCE!


 Q: Any beauty advise to share with our readers?

Calista: If you can take care of your skin, you can take better care of your furkids or little ones~ My advice? Start by getting your very own tub of Klarity OxyMud Cacao Duo Cleanse and Renewal Mask today! 🙂

I would like to thank Klarity for this e-interview, as it has given me an opportunity to share more about myself with everyone! Hope you guys enjoyed learning more about me and I’ll see you guys next time! Bye ~~~~ 😃


Click here and check out Calista’s review on Klarity products!



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