Fashion tips that petite ladies need to avoid!!

Often, petite girls have this common worry: “What kind of dressing style should I avoid?” Do you have a similar thought too? No worries! Today, Klarity team would be sharing with you simple fashion tips on what kind of fashion style you should avoid to enhance their overall look!

Tip 1:  Avoid wearing tunic tops!

Tunic tops are designed to suit ladies who are taller to emphasis on their height.

Tip 2: Avoid Midi skirts


We know, midi skirt could bring off an attractive unique fashion in you. Unfortunately, it does not suit petite ladies. However, we would suggest knee-length skirts.

Tip 3: Tea-Length dress is a no no as well


We would suggest dress that hits above your knee than a tea-length dress as it is not an ideal dress for petite frames.

Tip 4: No round-toe heels!


Trust us, pointy-toe heels definitely would make a great difference from round-toe heels. However, level of comfort should come first.

Tip 5: Avoid oversized bags!


Having to carry a huge or oversized bag will only cause you to emphasis your petite height to people. Choose a bag that is smaller in size which correctly proportion your frame.


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