How can men dress taller in formal?

Today, we will be sharing some simple tips on how a man can dress to look taller! It’s just a few simple rules! Let’s start now!

  1. Wear tight fitted shirt and tuck in!


When the shirt is evenly tuck in as shown in the image on the left, it will portray an impression of being unprofessional. Instead, fitted shirt will not only cause you to look slimmer but stretch your body horizontally too!

  1. Place accessories at your upper body.

Having accessories will draw the attention of others to your upper body and thus, creating the illusion of more height. Accessories are fun to mix and match with your daily outfits. Although accessories are small in size, but they could make a huge different impression in your outer appearance. You can add accessories such as hats or tie pins.

  1. Choose a high waist button jacket

As shown in the sketch above, jackets with high waist button will draw the attention higher and your height. Just like how Tom Cruise wore, it positively made him to appear taller.

  1. Wear monochromatic colours clothes

Wearing monochrome outfit avoid others to divide your body into different parts which is one of the main factor that prevent you to look taller!

Now, guys, we hope you enjoy our sharing! Now, start practicing these rule of thumbs and “increase” your height! For ladies, we hope we have shared something that would give you a better idea to dress up your partner! Have a great day!


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