How to deal with a bloated face?

Do you always face the trouble of having a bloated face in the morning? Seems like beauty sleep is of no use to you because you feel terrible after waking up.

Indulging in a diet rich in sugars and salt or processed food can induce bloating as it dehydrates the body as well. Your body will try to retain as much water as it can to try to reduce your sodium/sugar intake. Hence, this can lead to a puffy face.

Tips to prevent bloated-ness:

  • Avoid processed foods or foods high in sodium and sugars
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Down a glass of cold water every morning

It can be frustrating to deal with so we found some solutions to help you with this!

  • Facial exercises

Facial massages and exercises can help to improve blood circulation and in turn, drains excess lymphatic tissues build up. It can tone and lift your face & it reduces water retention. You may use a porcelain spoon and smooth it down from the jawline down to your neck.

  • Do the downward dog


This inverted yoga pose will boost blood circulation in your face, making it faster for the toxins to clear out and for your face to deflate. Start in a kneeling position and place your knees under you’re your hips and hands under your shoulder. Slowly straighten your legs until your hips are in the air. Take 5-10 deep breaths in this position and repeat 3 times.

  • Klarity Lasertox™ V-Line Shape Up

Lasertox™ V-Line Shape Up can help to ‘debloat’ your face and also gives off a warming effect. This mask can effectively make your face less bloated and reveal your true jawline!

Here are the result help to “debloat” your face

G1 before after front view.jpgteosijie before afte front view.jpg


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