Travelling hacks!


It’s December and many of you probably be travelling around the world at this season. Today, we will be sharing with you some tips on how you could be savvy and healthy when travelling!

  • Water bottle
    Travelling is definitely not an excuse for you to stop / drink less water. Always remember to hydrate yourself especially when you are travelling into countries that are experiencing winter now! Having a bottle with you will remind you to drink up frequently!
  • Temptations for supper
    We know that it is really tempting to eat non-stop when you are travelling because food is one of the must to try when you travel. However, eating late at night will also means that the calories absorb into your body is higher which will turn them into fats. Whenever you are hungry, make sure you grab wholemeal bread, fresh fruits or nuts and seeds instead of a whole serving meal. When you can’t seems to resist, just think about your waistline!

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