3 simple types of ponytail!

Sick of the usual ponytail? Here are some ways to be different!

  1. Messy ponytailPONY1.jpgHow to get this look?Tie your ponytail as usual. After you are done, loosen the strands on the side. You can use hair spray or dusting powder to achieve this look!PONY2.jpg
  2.  How to get this look?Having a wavy ponytail can turn your hairstyle to be glamorous instantly. There are two ways of doing it. You could curl your hair ends softly before you tie your ponytail or you could curl it after you tie it. We would recommend you to curl before tying so that it will be easier for you to control!
  3. Lazy ponytail


Dress down day yet still want to look good? Lazy ponytail is one of the ideal hairstyle! You can tie it to one side if you prefer that way. If you have a long fringe, you can keep it at the side so that it could “shape” your face shape to be slimmer.


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