Poops have beauty functions?!


Well, in the past, there were no laser treatments nor filler injections. Beauty treatments were less harmful in the past we would say. We have did some research on fun facts about ancient beauty secrets! Let’s check it out!

Crocodile poop

Yes, you did not read it wrongly. Crocodile poop! Can’t imagine that? We can’t too!

In ancient Greece and Rome, there was a saying that crocodile poop have anti-aging properties. Definitely, some people may not be able to accept it. So, it can be mix with mud for facials or drop into their bathtub to soak their skin with it. But here is the question, how do we even get crocodile poop in the first place?

Not washing your hair

Even now, there are people who doesn’t wash their hair often. Are you one of them? We have something like dry shampoo which is an aleternative of the usual shampoo. Isn’t it cool? However, in the past, approximately 19th century, many feel that not washing their hair will be a real bad thing. So, they would comb or brush their hair for half an hour every day. Something new isn’t it?

Beetle brush

Do you makeup when you head to work / school / out for dates? In ancient times, Egyptians use crushed beetles for makeup! These days, we use powder and cream blushers. Can you imagine how the past people used to squash the beetles and mix with clay to put it on their cheeks? Irks! Let’s just take it from an organic perspective!

We hope the above 3 fun facts about ancient beauty facts was really new to you! Stay tune and follow our social accounts as well as our wordpress to receive beauty tips, hacks and facts every weekday!


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