Dull complexion because we live in the city


Are you living in a fast paced live? For people who lives in the city, the amount of stress and pollution that we face daily, is likely to cause our skin to be dull!

So how can we minimize the impact and prevent our skin to be dull and sensitive?

Clean and healthy diet is definitely a must. It is recommended to consumer antioxidant foods as it protect you from free radical damage! For example, walnuts and berries! Being healthy will ensure that your skin can glow from inside.

Proper cleansing during the day and night time is VERY important! It clean off the dirt, bacteria and pollution from our skin. If you don’t, you have to prepare the nightmares of blackheads, whiteheads or worst, ACNE!

Definitely, good product have to share! Sharing is caring! Klarity Lasertox Miracle White CC Lotion ensure your skin to glow from inside too. It soothes our red, itchy and sensitive skin and keep it healthy! Brighter skin complexion will allow you to look youthful, refreshed and healthy!


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