Causes to calluses, dryness and ingrown toe nails…


Many of us tends to think that it is not necessary to take care our feet daily. This can actually cause our feet to experience painful calluses, dryness and / or ingrown toe nails. Eww!

So what should you do? Read on!


Always exfoliate and clean your feet daily to remove the dead skin or signs of calluses. Scrub is a good choice as it would evenly smoothen out your dry and rough feet!


After exfoliating and cleansing, your skin will be softer and thus, easier to remove the dead skin by filing it. (Kindly take note that you should only file once a week and not everyday. Filing daily may cause your feet skin to be thin and lead you to pain when walking.)

Cut / trim

Having long toe nails may result you to have ingrown toe nails. Thus, always cut or trim your nails regularly!


Once your feet is clean, it’s time to hydrate it. Just like our face, it needs to be moisturize and nourished too. Before bed, apply a moisturizing formula to help nourish the skin.


It’s that simple! All you need is 7 – 10 minutes of your time daily to maintain and take care your feet. Say no more to ugly feet! Yay!


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