Halloween Nails


Halloween is around the corner! Are you fully ready to celebrate the Halloween festival? We have some recommendations on how you could beautify your nails with the Halloween theme! Check it out!


Nail stitching! Pick your three most favorite colours and apply it into different pattern of rows! Stich it up with black nail polish to achieve a spooky yet chic look!


French manicure have never been out of fashion. It is just perfect for ladies to show their elegant and beauty with French manicure. In the Halloween season, you can add in creativity by having a black cat instead of the usual white rounded tip. Use a clear base coat before creating the cat to achieve the look!


You can’t miss spider web design when it comes to Halloween! Apply a black coat first before you draw the spider webs! Make sure you go steady when you are drawing! If not, the web may turn out scarier than you imagine.


Vampire nailzz! What’s Halloween if there is no bloody scene isn’t it? This glitter bloody nails totally brings out the creepy feel yet being fashionable at the same time!

Be fashionable and in-trend in just 10 – 15 minutes just by having the Halloween theme nails! It definitely will attract the attention from people around you!


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