Workout not only help in weight loss but…


Workout may be dreading to some of us, especially the ladies. Exercising regularly may be tough, but we assure you, it is worth it! The physical activity is important for healthy weight loss and maintaining weight. However, it consist of other benefits that is completely nothing to do with weight loss. Ever wonder what are those benefits? Let Klarity team reveal to you today!

Boost your mood


Physical exercise have proven that it is effective to prevent illness such as depression. Exercising will release endorphin and dopamine. Endorphins will bring positive feeling such as happiness while dopamine is released in the brain when triggered by any type of pleasure. In short, workout help to lift your mood up!

Boost memory

People who are between the ages of 25 – 45 produce chemicals that protect a part of the part which is specialise in memorizing and learning.

Boost sleep quality


We all have heard the seven hours sleep per night is the recommended time for our brain to rest rule. However, some of you might disagree as it may not work for you. A recent research have showed that exercise will decrease the symptoms of insomnia. This happens after we exercise, when our body temperature cool down to normal range, your brain will send a message that it is time to sleep. We will recommend that you should workout around 5 – 6 hours before your bedtime to feel the benefits!

Boost self-confidence


This is very obvious. When you workout, you will lose weight or maintain the hot figure in you. Definitely, this helps to boost your self-confidence in front of people.

Boost productivity

Short physical exercise might help in your productivity level. Research experiment was done and it have shown that it does increase self-rated productivity. However, this will not be relatable if you do heavy workout. Short and easy workout is recommended!

Whenever you feel like giving up halfway during your workout session, remind yourself these 5 benefits and keep going until you reach your aim! Nothing comes easy isn’t it?


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