Are you causing your skin to age?


There are plenty of beauty products in the market that targets at aging concerns. However, it will not help as much if you are practicing some bad habits! Here are the common 5 habits that some of you may have made.

#Bad habit 1: Not applying sunscreen

If you have been a consistent reader for our blog, you would notice we have repeated several times on how important sunscreen is. If you want to prevent aging, keep your skin away from freckles and pigmentation, whiten and brighten your face, then please please remember to put on skincare products that have sunscreen function. The UV rays can break down our collagen beneath our skin and cause dark spots.

Lazy or no time is definitely not an acceptable excuse. If you are always rushing on time, grab our Klarity Lasertox Miracle White CC Lotion which brings you a total of 11 benefits!

#Bad habit 2: Applying too much foundation

Definitely, many of you will agree that foundation will provide you a flawless look by settling your fine lines and creases. However, do you know that too much powder-based foundation will prevent your skin from breathing and thus, causing your skin to age faster? It is recommended that you use a suitable coverage in liquid form which blend easily to your skin tone.

#Bad habit 3: Too much sparkly eyeshadow

We would recommend you to get satin eyeshadow or soft matte ones that will not prove a chalky look. Light reflecting particles highlights out the saggy eyelids or fine lines and creases!

#Bad habit 4: Lazy to exfoliate

A surface of dead skin will be produced once our skin renew itself. Thus, we need to cleanse it regularly. If we don’t, the dead skin will lead our skin to be dull and rough over time. Exfoliation will get rid the dead cells and speed up the renewal process. It will also help in blood circulation and increase our skin absorption level to ensure our skincare products to be more effective.

#Bad habit 5: Not taking care of your hair

Hair is very important as it affects impression. Your skin may be healthy but if the hair condition is bad, you still won’t look as good. Thus, you should nourish your hair often by using conditioner and / or hair mask depending on your hair condition. As we get older, our hair gets drier, coarser and brittle. Occasional hair mask locks the hydration level in our hair strands and keep it healthy.


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