Some of you may not understand what is exactly whitening products for? Does it whiten your face?

Let Klarity team explain to you. Whitening products is really good for your scars on your skin such as acne scars or freckles. It helps to bring your skin tone to be brighter and whiter. Whiter does not refers to the colour white but it refers to enhance your skin tone to look fairer.

Whitening products can ensure your skin to look really glow!

So what should you know about whitening products?

  1. Check the main ingredients. For example, our Klarity Lasertox Miracle White CC Lotion consist of diamond powder which helps to gently exfoliate the skin to allow other ingredients to absorb in to your skin better. In addition, it also ensure your face to glow after application!
  2. Make sure your product is certified from the respective departments or organisation to ensure that it is safe to use. Especially for people who have sensitive skin, you MUST make sure that the product is gentle and soft to apply it on your skin.

For example, Klarity is the first Singapore Skincare brand that is obtained Halal Certified. This shows that our ingredients are natural and good for all type of skin types which include sensitive skin.

  1. You need to have patience! I understand that many of us are living in the fast pace environment and want everything to be fast and efficient. However, majority of the whitening products will only show visible effects after at least a month of continuous usage.

We hope the tips above helps! May you look fairer after a month time!


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