Stay healthy during oversea holiday too!


Have you been trying very hard to maintain your weight? Planned an oversea holiday during the year end? Always facing the issue of weight gained when you come back from your holiday? Don’t worry! We have some suggestions on how you can maintain your weight even when you are in a good holiday!

#Suggestion 1: Have a substantial breakfast


Often when you book a hotel, it comes with a complimentary breakfast. This is good because majority of the hotels provide fruits! Consume more fruits and yogurts instead of the pancakes or waffles. Choose low GI foods such as fruit, muesli, nuts and smoothies which will keep your stomach satisfied for a longer time and prevent you to eat very often.

#Suggestion 2: Always have a water bottle with you


It is always tricky for majority of us to differ between hungry and thirsty. Many of us will mistake our body by thinking we are hungry again but in actual fact, our body is only calling for water. Hydrate yourself well and avoid dehydration!

#Suggestion 3: Limit alcohol consumption


No! Don’t misunderstand. We are not saying not to drink a glass of nice wine with dinner is a no no. What we meant was to control the consumption of alcohol as the calories in alcohol can really add on to one another.

#Suggestion 4: Eat early

Eating early would benefit you! It will be great if you could have a walk after the dinner. Dinners that are too near to bedtime would mean that the energy, also known as calories, will just be stored in your body. That’s how fats start to accumulate!

Klarity team wish you to stay healthy as always! We hope the above small tips help!


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