Can bad habits benefit you?

bad habbit

Since young, many of us are told that some of our gestures are bad habits. Today Klarity team will be sharing 3 bad habits that actually could bring small benefits to you!

Bad habit 1: Biting nails.

Nail biting may not be the cleanest thing to do neither does it allow you to portray a good image in front of people. Parents always tell us that nails are filled with germs and biting nails will cause the germs to spread into our inner body.

However, are you aware that biting our nails will expose our body to the multitude of new germs and could result in enhancing our immune system? When our bodies are exposed to the germs for the first time, our bodies will start to build antibodies and then on, strengthening our immune systems.

Some research even proved that biting nails is a way to relieve stress for a group of people too!

Bad habit 2: Fidgeting

Almost every parents also said “Stop fidgeting!” to their kids too. Well, although it is an action that irritates people and pull down your impression in front of others, fidgeting is good in certain ways as it helps to prevent you off from heart disease! This have been proved from several researches. Why?

When we sit for long periods, it actually prevent us to have an exercise session for our heart. Fidgeting is considered as small exercise which could help to break sugars and fats down which in turn, reduce the chances of getting metabolic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

We hope you learn something new today!


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