Beauty Hacks!

beauty hacks

Here are some beauty hacks that every girl should know! Read more to find out!

  • Use concealer correctly!
    Before we moving on to why we should apply in a triangle shape than a moon shape, here is another small tip for you guys!
    Apply foundation first before applying concealer! This is because if you apply concealer before your foundation, your foundation will remove your concealer and blend in with the foundation instead.Now, here comes the question of why should concealer be applied in a triangle shape instead of the moon shape?Applying in triangle shape not only helps to conceal dark circles but also instantly create the appearance that your face is lifted! Imagine it as the triangle is a torchlight and it shines the light towards your eyes. Thus, draw the concealer focusing upwards to the eye and not to the cheek.
  • Prime your eyes with white base 
    Having to prime your eyes with white base will ensure your eyeshadow colour(s) to be really pop and bright! In addition, it can prevent your eyeshadow from falling as well as settling the ceases. You can use Klarity Lasertox White CC Lotion as a primer as it does not have any colourant! The fast drying and non-sticky formula will allow you to move on to the next makeup step and blend your various shade of eyeshadow easily!
  • Brush eyeshadow on your hair parting 
    Brush dark eye shadow (or light eyeshadow if your hair is dyed with bright colours) on your hair parting to make your hair volume to look fuller and an extreme healthy hair condition in front of people. Research have shown that first impression not only comes from the way you dress, look and move, but also your hair condition as well!

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