Myths about saggy skin

saggy dog
Saggy skin is a trademark of many dog breeds and they are loved by people for their skins! But sadly, it doesn’t do well when the saggy skins appear on our face because our beauty definition is set as fresh young and dewy skin.

Apparently there has been some rumours regarding with this saggy face problem. Let’s see if they are true!

Rumour #1:

Running causes your skin to sag.

Sagging skin is due to two age-related reasons: Loss of collagen & Loss of facial fats.

Collagen gives your face elasticity and helps to let it bounce back to shape, facial fats prevents the skin from sagging because there’s something to ‘hold’ it up. Though you are bouncing up and down while jogging, it is unlikely that you will destroy the structure of your skin and collagen to cause sagging. If you are exercising outdoors often, the more likely reason is that the UV rays from the sun can cause collagen to break down. Make sure you slather on plenty of sunblock before venturing out! Try Klarity Lasertox™ Miracle White CC Lotion as your sunscreen when you are going to exercise because it is non-oily and non-sticky! It will not give you the oil slick feeling when you sweat it out.

Rumour #2:

Sleeping on your stomach causes sagging

Your sleep position doesn’t actually cause sagging skin but it will give you sleep wrinkles. The wrinkles are actually the fine lines and creases you see every morning in your mirror. Your skin loses collagen as you age and this is why you are more susceptible to these sleep wrinkles when you are older. Sleep wrinkles don’t really affect children or teenagers because the skin is fresh and elastic and can bounce back easily. Your best way to avoid this is to sleep on your back.

What can you do to prevent sagging skin?

Solution #1:

Doing facial exercises

Exercises increases size of facial muscles and so take some of the slacking skin, however, do be careful not to overwork your face or do it for long periods of time and they can actually cause wrinkles and expression lines!

Solution #2:

Products to help saggy skin

That’s right! There are products that can help you deal with sagging skin!

Use Klarity Lasertox™ V-Line Slim Up to combat the sagging skin near your chin and jaw area. Due to gravity and weight forces, these places tend to look more saggy than the rest of your face. Combating the area can ensure that your face look fresh and young!


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