Morning teas


If you want to find an alternative to your daily morning coffee to feel refreshed, here are some nice teas to give you the much needed wake me up so you don’t look like a zombie in the morning!

  • Chai Tea

Chai tea is a black tea, mixed with heavy milk and a combination of various spices. The spices may include cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. Cinnamon increases awareness & vitality while reducing fatigue. Cardamom is a mood elevator & detoxifies the body. Ginger gets rid of ‘wind’ which induces indigestion and as well as get over sugar cravings.

  • Green tea

Made from powder, this jade green tea not only looks amazing, it’s great for your body as well. It contains loads of anti-oxidants and natural relaxants. This combination helps to provide you with a steady flow of energy. It is also effective in helping you to lose weight because it increases fat burning rate, or the metabolism rate.

You can also use Klarity Lasertox™ Miracle White CC Lotion to help you look refreshed as well! It brightens up dull complexion and rehydrates it to reduce the fine lines or dry patches that make it look tired. The refreshing scent also lets you have a pleasant wake me up when you put it on! Along with the teas we have recommended, your mornings will be less sluggish and you can feel great every morning! Tomorrow we will be sharing you some bad habits of sleeping that makes you difficult to wake up every morning! So stay tuned!


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