SG50 Special


Hello Everyone!

It is one month away from our National day! This year is a special year as we are celebrating SG50! There are many events lined up especially for the celebration of our nation’s birthday! Throughout the month of July, we will present to you some things you can do, some history you might be interested in and things related to Singapore! So stay tuned to every Wednesday! You can also comment what you would like us to feature on too!

For the first part of this SG50 special, we share with you some events that are happening in the month of July to get you in the mood of SG50!

1) MySG Trails and Exhibitions

See Singapore through the eyes of our youths by participating in these projects initiated by schools. The trails reflect the many interests of our students and Singapore’s diversity. With over 70 schools participating, you will be treated to many varieties and there will definitely be one that can suit your schedule and interest. Be sure to support our schools and show the SG50 spirit!

Do refer here for more information on how to register!

2) Treasure SG

This event is a treasure hunt that takes place in the whole year of 2015! Every month, the organisers will drop little treasures in a form of a ‘Treasure SG’ coins all around Singapore. Your job will be to log on to their Facebook and their Instagram to get clues for the locations of the coins. Once the coin is found, you just need to take a selfie with it to claim a prize! It’s that simple! So go on and enjoy yourself with this fun yet interactive way to learn more about Singapore!

You can find out more information on their facebook page ( & their Instagram (

3) Let’s Makan!

Let’s Makan! is open to anyone who wishes to bond through the love for Food! It is an initiative that aims to help foster a closer knit community. This is to mimic the good old “kumpung” day lifestyle. Gather your neighbours and your friends and have a mini potluck session to share your favorite foods! It can be bought or it can be something you made yourself, so long as everyone ‘makan’ together! You can share your experiences on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #letsmakan or simply go to their website to submit your entry. You might just be lucky enough to win their grand prize of a Neo Garden’s Buffet catering session!

Lets Makan

Our very own mini #Letsmakan session! A mix of Malay, Chinese and Western food!


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